Long Wavelength Radio Echo Sounder (LoWRES)

LoWRES is a radar sounder built for airborne sounding of temperate glaciers. The radar works at a center frequency of 2.5 or 5 MHz, allowing it to sound to depths of greater than 1 kilometer. LoWRES uses an Ettus X310 software defined radio along with custom control software to transmit and receive signals.


Very Efficient Radar, Very Efficient Team (VERVET)

VERVET is LoWRES' predecessor, it is also a long wavelength radar meant for airborne sounding of temperate glaciers.


Rock Glacier PodRacer (RGPR)

In conjunction with an impulse ground-penetrating radar system and winter snowpack, the PodRacer design is arguably the world's most efficient rock glacier subsurface surveyor.